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1. How much caffeine does a Dark Dog Organic Energy drink contain?

Each Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink contains 114 mg of caffeine, which is approximately the same quantity as 1½ cups of coffee. Our caffeine is derived from organic ingredients such as green bean coffee, guarana & green tea; excellent sources of antioxidants.


2. Are there any artificial sweeteners in Dark Dog Organic Energy drinks?

No, our drinks do not contain any artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose. Our sweet taste comes from our carefully selected organic raw sugar cane mixed with natural ingredients such as: coconut water, cranberry, acerola cherry, carrot juice, lemon and blood orange.


3. How many calories are in Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks?

Our energy drinks are low in calories. Each flavor has its own calorie count. ​

  • The Original: 110 calories

  • Blood Orange: 130 calories

  • Cranberry Mint: 35 calories

  • Coconut Water: 35 calories


4. Where are Dark Dog Organic Energy drinks made?

Dark Dog Organic is made in France, we use the best quality ingredients from all over the world. 


5. Where can I buy your products?

Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks are available on Amazon. (Click Here)


6. What is Non-GMO verified?

Non-GMO verified means we guarantee that our ingredients have not been genetically modified. The products are natural and have not been produced in laboratories ensuring you with the best quality of products.


7. Does Dark Dog Organic have the Organic Certification?

Yes, Dark Dog Organic has been certified by the USDA. (


8. Is Dark Dog Organic Vegan?

Yes, Dark Dog Organic is vegan. It does not contain any animal derived ingredients, all of our ingredients are plant based and organic certified.


9. Do you recommend this energy drink as a pre-workout?

Yes, these energy drinks will boost your energy levels. We highly recommend you use them if you are looking to have more energy during your training routines.

10. Do Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks contain all the Vitamin C needed for the day?

Yes, our products have 100% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C.

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