The Only Gift Guide You Need this Year

With Christmas around the corner, the time to get the perfect gift is running out. As you run through the list of ideas of what to get the gift recipient, first you have to decide between something practical or fun? Next, how about something physical or an experience? So many questions, so little time. As a result, Dark Dog Organic is here to help. What if you could get a gift that would help your gift recipient keep their New Year’s Resolution?

So, we have the perfect gift ideas for everyone’s gift list. The best part? You can explain how thoughtful your gift is. Could you use some suggestions? Then keep reading!

Here are 5 gifts that are not only useful but show how much effort you put into your gift giving:

The Workaholic, New Year’s Resolution: Time Efficiency

We all have that friend or family member that is always busy with a project. Their schedule is jam-packed. How can you help them be more time efficient? Gift them a power bank so their phone is always charged up to take personal or work calls. Here is one we like:

Tiny Dancer, New Year’s Resolution: Get Moving

This person might not necessarily want to lose weight, but they want to stay in shape or they love music. Give them the gift of a great track to help them power through a tough workout or high-intensity cardio session. Music keeps you motivated and is sure to help your gift recipient get close to their New Year’s Resolution. We recommend a Spotify gift card.

Budding Chef, New Year’s Resolution: Be Healthier Inside and Out

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a challenge. It is no secret a healthy diet is part of a combination that will help reach exercise and fitness goals so why not help your gift recipient make cooking easier? We like this Jamie Oliver cookbook that has 5-ingredient recipes. Before they know it, they will be excellent chefs and that could mean an invitation to dinner for you while they get to show off their new cooking skills.

Busy Mom, New Year’s Resolution: Organize better

Seems like everyone has a busy person on their list and busy moms are no exception. Help her keep her New Year’s Resolution by gifting her an organization system that will make sure she finds her keys to pick-up her son from soccer practice, or where she left the baby’s favorite toy.  That makes you almost a hero. Therefore, Tile System is great for this.

Next-level Yoga Fitness Expert, New Year’s Resolution: Nail the hardest Pose

We all know a person who has a strong commitment to their favorite sport. Maybe they don’t need the motivation to hit the gym, but you can help them reach their next-level fitness goals by keeping them prepared because that’s what good friends do. Give them a useful gym bag that they can have ready for any time they feel like trying six versions of a headstand.

In conclusion, here at Dark Dog Organic, we always want to help you be the best person you can be, and this includes helping others put their best foot forward. Don’t forget to reward yourself too with organic energy. Make sure you will be energized enough to pick-up these great gifts for everyone on your list. Now until January 1, 2018, place two cases of Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks in your Amazon shopping cart, one will be free to share with whoever inspires you. Just enter code: DDOTIME1 at checkout.

On behalf of every on the Dark Dog Organic team, we wish you and yours, much health, happiness and success in the coming year.

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