Caffeine, get it without the crash or jitters. There is a way!

For many, a jolt of caffeine from a cup of coffee not only serves as an energy booster, but it is part of a long-standing routine to start the day.

We all have been there; running late for work with many meetings looming, deadlines to reach and we grab something quick to get through the morning. However, by the afternoon after lunch, the focus wanes. More caffeine is the answer! Another cup of coffee sounds like a great idea, but that would mean jitters because you are crashing.

People suffer through this routine day in and day out, but could it be more harmful than we imagine? Harmful side effects of high caffeine consumption include; caffeine addiction, high blood pressure, insomnia, indigestion, and can worsen menopause symptoms in women. However, as much as caffeine gets a bad reputation, there are also benefits. It can enhance memory, alleviate fatigue, and enhance athletic performance.

So, do the pros outweigh the cons? Fortunately, there is a better way. Understand the risks of caffeine over-consumption so you can use caffeine in a smarter way. Dark Dog Organic was created with this in mind. In addition to our ingredients being certified organic and NON-GMO verified, we have chosen natural sources of caffeine. That paired with the other organic ingredients is delivered to the body with a mix of vitamins and antioxidants. Why is this important?

The way caffeine is delivered helps to mitigate any crash or jitters. In this case, a steady stream of powerful energy enabling you to get things done without having to worry about what you are putting in your body.

Take a look at our organic caffeine ingredients:

Organic Guarana

Organic Coffee Beans

Organic Yerba Mate


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Monitor caffeine consumption to watch for the harmful side effects and get the most out of it. Here are some tips to mitigate your caffeine intake:

  1. Choose natural instead of synthetic sources of caffeine.  This will prevent crash or jitters and you will gain a more sustainable energy level.

  2. Drink water first: First thing in the morning, hydrate your body so that it can be ready to process caffeine.

  3. Stick with the basics: Ingredients that you can read and pronounce. Also, stay away from artificial sweeteners

  4. Eat Right: Consume protein and complex carbohydrates so the caffeine can work more effectively.

Follow these tips to consume caffeine responsibly. It can be a great all-around boost that lifts your day and increases productivity. Always choose natural caffeine to avoid side effects such as nervousness, crashing and jitters. Try Dark Dog Organic today, just click here!

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