Do organic energy drinks energize you? Do they taste good?

It is no secret that mainstream energy drinks have a bad reputation. And rightly so as they might energize you quickly, but at what price? Chemicals, ingredients that you can’t pronounce,  after effects of crashing and jitters, we have all been there.

Not all energy drinks are created equally. There is a better alternative. Energy drinks exist that are natural, organic with healthy and safe ingredients and, we believe, are one of the best tasting energy drink.

The first apprehension to try an organic energy drink is you wonder if it actually works. We are taught that chemicals are stronger or more effective than their natural plant extract counterparts. In this case is not the truth.

Secondly, the taste is really important. Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks, made from organic ingredients are actually great-tasting. Take the Original flavor, made with organic cane sugar, organic coconut sugar, organic lemon juice, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, ginger, mursalski tea extract, and rosehip extract. There is no chemical or mineral aftertaste that you get with mainstream energy drinks or other organic energy drinks. There is also no shortage of flavor that you get with organic energy teas.

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The best thing about Dark Dog Organic? The way the natural caffeine from coffee beans is distributed and absorbed in our bodies. With the vitamin-mix in each can, the energy is delivered in a steady stream. There is no jitters, crashing or jolts. It’s suitable for vegans and celiacs as well because it’s gluten free.

Currently on sale for only $19.80 it’s truly the best organic energy drink value ounce for ounce.  We also would like to say that the healthiest energy drink firstly they should be organic.

Give it a try! Get a powerful boost of energy while feeling great about what you put in your body. You could end up finding just the thing to get you through that meeting in the office, the late-night paper that you didn’t get around to finishing, sitting through the little one’s baseball game to that workout that will make your abs pop just in time for beach season.

It’s time to focus on you. What could you accomplish with no jitters no crashing just organic energy? Dark Dog Organic will energize you!


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