5 healthy habits for a Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial start of summer is officially among us. For many that means pool openings, cracking open the BBQ grill and reaching for something cold and thirst quenching to get us through some unbearably hot days. So starting with this weekend in between the activities with family and friends, we know how easy it can be to make unhealthy choices, so in order to enjoy your weekend while not sacrificing all of your progress and hard work towards a healthy lifestyle, Dark Dog Organic wants to provide you with some some quick and easy health tips that you can use and share!

Health tips:

  • Participate in outdoor races or fun obstacle courses that take place your city. No matter if it’s a 3k or just a small obstacle course getting outside and active is an activity that can offset those BBQ calories. You can do them with a friend and many of them have a last-minute registration option.
  • Everything in moderation and prepare in advance. It seems like everyone and their neighbour is having a BBQ and if attendance is mandatory, eating is not. It is possible to catchup and chat and have a drink instead of eating at every single BBQ. If you know you have many places to be, pace yourself, maybe allow for an indulgence at your favourite choice so that you don’t feel like you are limiting yourself.
  • Activate yourself. Combining exercise and fun is very simple at outdoor events. You have to do something while digesting all of that grilled food. Get involved in some corn hole or throw around the frisbee. Not sure there will be one? You can bring your own to share!
  • Healthy BBQs. Be prepared. If you want there to be healthy options, provide them at your own BBQ and present them in a different way. Instead of potato salad three different ways, why not throw in some grilled vegetable skewers too?
  • Detox after the weekend. After an intense weekend with lots of food, drinks and activity, take some time and relax. Get back into the usual rythm of your own diet by making sure you have some wholesome choices you can reach for when you get home and hunger hits. Also, don’t forget to relax and enjoy the mental clarity that comes from taking some time for yourself.

So, let’s kick off the beginning of summer the right way, a with a weekend of family, friends, sports, and fun while promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Always remember to stay safe and hydrated. Why not bring a case of Dark Dog Organic to share with family and friends to show them how you stay energized and refreshed with only the highest quality of ingredients?

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What will you do this Memorial Day?

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