Why genetically modified products (GMO) should be avoided

Technology and research evolve rapidly across all areas of society. This is also the case for the field of genetics, which has managed to manipulate the genes in our food to artificially accomplish more eye-catching products or food that looks better to us.

Disadvantages of GMO products

Despite the fact that food and seed manipulation is still being performed with the intention of providing advantages to farmers and producers of various crops, the fact is that, in the long term, they can cause a number of issues.

Production of toxins.

Genetically modified products may increase the number of toxins. This happens when the gene inoculated into the product is not properly accepted by the organism. In this case, if a person ingests the product, he may be affected by the toxin generated as a result of this intolerance.
production of toxins

Its nutritional value is reduced.

Curiously, the introduction of elements that improve the resistance to pesticides may be the reason for their nutritional value to be reduced, regardless of it being more resistant to plagues or virus, and it being better-looking.

nutritional value reduced

Resistance of plagues.

The use of genetic manipulation introducing external elements to products may result, in time, in insects or plagues developing a resistance toward pesticides that keep them at bay.

resistance of plagues

Break in biodiversity.

The introduction of genetic manipulation in some crops may cause them to end up becoming weeds by being more resilient and growing faster than the rest of the elements commonly harvested.

break in biodiversity

They may affect our immune system.

This happens especially in people who are allergic to certain foods, since there are cases in which the inoculation of allergens of this food into another, such as, for example, an apple, causes our immune system to react if we ingest that apple.

Disadvantages of GMO products

Effects are irreversible.

All of the above issues have irreversible effects, both on our health and on the environment.

Consuming genetically modified products has many disadvantages that affect not only human health, but also the environment.

Still have questions? Take a look at this video that explains a little more about how GMOs came to be a part of our lives.

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