Walking: nothing but benefits

The ways to get shaped up are several and varied, from going every day to the gym to joining a group of runners, or practicing disciplines such as crossfit, yoga and Pilates. But the truth is that, as we stated not long ago in one of our articles, with an activity as common as walking we can obtain many health benefits in a simple, easy and fast way. All we need to do is start walking.

The important thing is to start walking every day for at least 30 minutes. In this way, we will be exercising our bodies as we take a stroll, go shopping or walk to work.

The benefits of adding this routine to our day-to-day are:

  • Helps with weight loss. A brisk walk boosts the metabolism, and therefore, helps us burn fat. It also manages to keep weight in check as it strengthens the muscle tone and increases muscle mass.

Help weight loss

  • Tones legs, glutes and abdomen. If we walk using the right posture, we will help tone the glutes, burn abdominal fat and strengthen this area of the body.

tones legs, glutes and abdomen

  • It strengthens the heart. Any exercise that causes blood to be pumped throughout our body is good to prevent heart diseases or strokes. Thus, walking increases our heart rate for 30 minutes, fostering an improvement of high arterial pressure and reducing high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL).

strengthens the heart

  • Helps prevent illnesses such as dementia and osteoporosis. It has been proven that physical activity protects the brain, and working out regularly reduces the risk of dementia by a 40%. In fact, it is advisable for people of advanced age to walk in order to keep their brains active and work out both their bodies and their minds.

Prevent illnesses

  • Increases wellbeing. Working out has been proven to improve the mood. Several studies have attested that working out regularly is better than antidepressants for mild depression, since while working out, endorphins are released, reducing stress and anxiety.

Walking increases wellbeing

We can therefore make a routine out of an activity we do every day without realizing it, obtaining a great number of benefits that help us improve our physical and mental health. So when will you start walking?

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