5 tips to stay active everyday

As we explained in our previous post ‘The harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle‘, following a sedentary lifestyle is very harmful to our health and welfare. Almost nobody is safe from this threat because of the increase of desk jobs, the improvements of comforts at home or the increase of technology. Humans have been living the most sedentary lifestyle in all of their existence. For thousands of years, we have had a much more active lifestyle, and our bodies are not used to such low activity.

Recent studies suggest that adults should get a minimum of 2 hours per week of moderate physical activity.

So if you are looking to health, here are 5 ways to be more active during your day with just some little changes to your daily life.

Stay active everyday with these 5 tips:

Start and end your day with activity

Do some exercise while you watch the news after waking up or while you watch your favorite TV show at night. You can also enjoy a night walk with your dog, your partner, or both at the same time.

star and end your day with activity

Stand up at work

Visit your colleagues face-to-face instead of calling them or sending emails. You can also have walking meetings instead of sitting in a meeting room, Steve Jobs was known for doing this.

stand up at work

Clean your house

Nobody likes to clean but everybody has to do it. So let’s make a game out of it, put some music at maximum volume, and clean your house while you dance.

clean your house

Walk to work

If you go by public transport you can get off the bus or subway one stop earlier and continue walking. If you usually go by car, park a bit further from your work and walk a little bit everyday.

go to work by walk

Use the stairs

It can be a great workout that can be done easily at home, at work, or any other place with stairs. Take it to the next level by sinking your heels into each step.
use the stairs

If you follow these 5 easy tips, you will become more active and your physical and mental health will improve substantially. If you have some free time, you should also join a gym (tips for choosing a gym) and exercise.

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