The harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle

Chances are you’re reading this article while perched on a chair, and, if you’re like most computer users, you’ve been there for a while. Take yourself as an example, how much in a day do you spend sitting on a chair? In our society, due to increased comforts at home, increased technology or long working hours at more intellectual jobs, these factors have caused many of us to lead a sedentary lifestyle that is harmful to our health and welfare.

Maybe you did not know, but a sedentary lifestyle is the fourth risk factor for mortality rates in the world, and it is responsable for 6% of deaths around the world! It’s not a minor matter as you can see.

There are many negative consequences of physical inactivity that you should consider while doing something about it. Here are some of the most prominent effects of a sedentary lifestyle:

  • Obesity: Metabolism slows down when a person has a sedentary lifestyle, making it easier to gain weight. Makes sense right?
  • Weakening of bones: lack of physical activity causes the bones to weaken and leads to diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • Fatigue: Low physical condition causes a person to tire out very quickly. While cholesterol increases. Combo.

But if you also have a sedentary lifestyle you have higher tendency to suffer from diabetes, colon cancer. heart problems and high blood pressure.

Exercise is also good for your mind

During the last decades, many researchers have studied the psychological benefits of exercise, and they have concluded that doing exercise can also improve our cognitive functions our concentration and our self-esteem. Regardless of age or physical condition, devoting time to exercise also produces changes in the brain and benefits our mental well-being.

So now the question now is, when are you going to start exercising?

do excersise

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