Black elderberry: origins and benefits

In these days in which the cold and low temperatures take their toll and our immune system is weakened, we want to tell you about a natural boost for our body. We are referring to the black elderberry.

Originating in central Europe and western Asia, the elderberry possesses a great deal of health benefits; in particular, its berries are used due to their many properties to strengthen the immune system and due to their anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Since Egypt to current times

Use of this bush due to its medicinal properties dates back to antiquity. Pliny the elder already mentions elderberry in his writings, which are considered to be the top Middle Ages authority in regards to science. Egyptians also used the elderberry’s flowers for skin care, while the Greek and Romans used its infusions as a laxative and natural remedy to treat catarrh, cough or even asthma.

elderberry flower

A bush with many properties and hard to find

The properties of the berries, flowers and bark of the elderberry are many due to their vitamin A and B content, as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium or sodium, among others. Still, it is actually a bush that is hard to come by.

berries flowers

Prevent catarrh and respiratory system discomfort

If you think you are starting to get catarrh we recommend you take something that contains elderberry, since it is a superb remedy to combat flu, constipation, cough, or even to reduce fever. It is also an excellent expectorant against ailments of the respiratory system in general.

prevent catarrh

Wait no longer and start including elderberry in its many variants to your daily life, in order to keep improving your wellbeing when facing the winter, low temperatures, and to naturally boost your immune system.

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