The Top 5 Instagram accounts to follow a healthy diet after Holidays

What are your New Year resolutions? We are sure that after these past Holidays, you need some motivation to start following a healthy diet and exercising to boast the best version of ourselves.

It is for this reason that the best way to get inspired is by means of an image, since as some say, “we eat with our eyes”.

healthy diet after holidays

We propose you to follow some Instagram accounts that stand out due to their great variety of pictures that motivate and inspire us with their healthy diets:

  • @deliciouslyella. Ella Woodward posts a great variety of pictures about light desserts, smoothies and recipes with superfoods, in addition to showing us some of her sports routines to get a perfect body.
  • Sarah B. Her smoothies and grilled vegetable dishes stand out, as well as recipe samples from her book.
  • @dollyandoatmeal This lover of healthy food and oats shows in her account the many recipes we can do with this product.
  • Sasha Gill. This vegan eats just fruits and vegetables, and no dairy products; nonetheless, she posts pictures of delicious dishes based on tortillas, vegetable creams and wraps. A pleasure for the senses and palate.
  • @veggieful Many of the accounts with the most followers for healthy living are managed by vegetarians. Here is an example of one where we can get very healthy recipes even when we are not strictly a vegetarian follower.

So you can now start to get shaped up with the diet and the inspiration provided by these instagrammers who have thousands of followers. Will you dare start to fill your Instagram with healthy food.

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