Healthy recipes for the holidays

We already know where we will spend the upcoming holidays, right? With friends or with family, but always sitting around a table. These holidays don’t need to be the reason to let go of a healthy diet in spite of a little excess. These are dates in which the kitchen becomes an extra guest to enjoy new recipes in good company.


Here we bring you five recipes that will impress your guests while enjoying a balanced diet.

Sauteed green and gold zucchini with pistachio, mint and


  • Quinoa pilaf with almonds. During these holidays we cannot miss a recipe using quinoa, one of the star ingredients of the healthiest diets. Adding onions, carrots, garlic, tomato and almonds, with a touch of oregano, we have a main course with which to enjoy this superfood.
Pilaf de quinoa con


  • Cauliflower rice. It involves chopping the cauliflower as if they were small grains of rice. It’s an alternative to white rice on many dishes and can be ideal to supplement your cooking, to make, for example, a novel risotto or sushi, providing an exotic touch to the menu.


  • Squash and leek lasagna. One of the typical Christmas dishes is lasagna, or rather, cannelloni, but in order to make them with less calories and healthier, we can stuff them with squash and leek. Vegetables with béchamel sauce to please any palate.
Squash and leek


  • Apple cups. A healthy dessert that is quick and simple to prepare. You just need a microwave, apples, yogurt, raisins and 20 minutes. A light manner to end the evening at the table.
Copas de manzana


These are just some of the many healthy recipes we can prepare to impress our family and friends at the table this holiday season.


Who ever said enjoying a family meal meant gaining weight.



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