Organic Drinks

At the time there is a wide offer of products known as ‘organic’; in the food and beverages sector it is possible to find organic energy drinks.

But, what does ‘organic’ mean?

When we refer to organic foods or beverages, we are referring to products which have been obtained by complying with a production method that is free from synthetic products; in other words, free from:

  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Non-natural fertilizers
  • Antibiotics
  • With no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives



In short, it implies making beverages or foods in which raw materials follow this criteria. This is why at DARK DOG ORGANIC we have the certifications that recognize us as organic energy drinks producers, as outlined by the Department of Agriculture of the United States (USDA).

To us, the use of organic raw materials is one of the main reasons to always obtaining the best results over the products we develop, since our philosophy is promoting a healthy, wholesome lifestyle, not only through our products, but also to the extent that we can provide our consumers that which they need to keep on with their daily or sports activities in a healthy way.

Organic Drinks

Our company, founded in 1995, aims to offer the highest standards by using the healthiest, and above all, organic products. Our main mission is to achieve a healthy lifestyle philosophy based on exercising and the consumption of organic products, in order to achieve a better quality of life, and thereby extending our good health in time.

With this premise – fostering a healthy lifestyle – it has become our philosophy to use certified organic ingredients for which the certification accredits that they are free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Which is to say, natural products for which what is important is to obtain a flavor authenticity, so as to obtain a final product – our drinks – in which everything revolves around a healthy, wholesome philosophy of life.

If you wish to keep improving your health and, above all, to follow a philosophy of life in accordance with a healthy lifestyle, keep following our products, as well as the news we bring you about them, such as our latest drink with coconut water, which in addition to combining the advantages of many organic ingredients, offers us many advantages and benefits that are natural in coconut water.

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