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All of the so-called energy drinks or those which are associated with a boost in mental or physical performance, have several ingredients that when combined, can provide us many options. Such is the case of some mate drink, which provide complementary elements to obtain diverse flavors or tastes in order to satisfy all prospective consumers.


Whatever the case, the fact is that drinks with mate, in combination with other substances, provide a number of benefits:

mate drink

  • Advantages: they are sometimes compared to green tea, but offers many differentiating attributes in spite of their many similarities.
  • Great nutritional content:  As opposed to the widespread belief, it is an herb that contains a great number of vitamins, amino acids, iron, sodium, and potassium.
  • Laxative effect:  in many occasions, medical specialists have used mate as a medicine to combat constipation.
  • Strengthens the immune system:  this element, in combination with other components of the plant, is considered to be able to combat infections or help boost recovery after certain ailments, or even certain illnesses.
  • It is beneficial to the cardiovascular system:  amino acids and antioxidants which compose yerba mate allows to reduce the so-called ‘bad’ cholesterol and thereby improve our cardiovascular health.

Additionally, mate provides a stimulating sensation due to its caffeine content, and thereby has the purpose of activating or motivating the person who takes it, whether directly through a mate drink, or when combined with other ingredients, as can usually be the case for the many energy drinks in existence in the market.

In the case of DARK DOG ORGANIC products, you can find yerba mate in our 50 calories and coconut water organic energy drinks. We aim to offer a combination of many ingredients so as to achieve a better recovery after high-intensity physical effort, staying in good health.

acerola fruit

To sum up,  the use of yerba mate in energy drinks has the purpose of taking advantage of its benefits, combining them with other ingredients which let us enjoy a complete beverage to regenerate our physical or mental exhaustion.

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