Energy drinks

When performing physical exercises that put a great strain not only on the body, but also on the mind, it is common to take energy drinks that allow us to recover after that activity in order to attain a higher level of concentration, and therefore, even improve our performance.


In case of activities that require a great level of concentration, sometimes due to lack of time we invest hours of sleep to carry out the work, which is why energy drinks on many occasions have turned into coffee substitutes, since they are available in a number of flavors and tastes, and with varying properties, enabling us to boost our level of concentration and performance to carry out our activity. Thus, at the time of picking the beverage that best suits our needs, it is most important to know the ingredients they contain, and especially the benefits they can offer:

  • Energy drinks allow for a good level of hydration, for example when performing physical exercise.
  • More energy. Consumption of these beverages provides increased energy, not only during the performance of our activities, but also before and after.
  • Vitamins and minerals. Especially when performing physical activities, they are a great source of vitamins and minerals that are lost while exercising.

Energy Drinks

As is the case for all products out on the market, consumption of energy drinks in excess may have side effects, but if consumed adequately, they may be a great aid to follow a healthy diet and a philosophy of life in which health and wellbeing are the main pillar.

Among the many options offered by DARK DOG ORGANIC we have drinks for everyone – Original, Blood Orange, 50 calories and our recent addition Coconut Water.

This last addition to our range of products has a number of advantages, since besides providing all the benefits of coconut water, all other ingredients contained also help us stay true to our organic product philosophy, where no preservatives, artificial colors, or any other component that may be a product of the chemical industry both for its preparation and for its preservation are involved.

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