The 10 Fitness Gurus of Instagram

Digital technology has made the way for a new level of interaction. Today, social media influencers are reaching people worldwide. A simple scroll through your Instagram feed can put you in touch with the building blocks of a beautiful body: exercise, clean eating and great motivation.

If you are addicted to the net and also want to shape up, we bring you 10 must-see Instagram accounts to get a fit body and show off your good looks. Let’s get to it!:

Tracy Anderson. Celebrities such as Madonna or Gwyneth Paltrow follow this personal trainer who guarantees changes in our bodies within just a few weeks with her method.



Two Bad Bodies. They are two personal trainers who share an outlook on life: No Pain, No Gain. Tailored for addicts of sweat and suffering.



Bryce Yoga. A married couple who share their passion for this discipline with the whole world, practicing as a family and posting it on their account.



Caitlin Turner. A combination of yoga, fitness and dancing to share asanas in the most original and varied locations.


gypsetgoddess Verificado

Kayla_itsines. Her routine is one of the most followed in the entire world thanks to the examples that her own followers submit. Because there is no better way to get motivated than seeing real cases.



Laura sykora. Yoga practitioner reference, she shows many exercises to attain mental peace with a smoking hot body.



Ballet Beautiful. The secret of Victoria’s Secret’s angels at the reach of anyone wishing to get started in ballet without the need for prior knowledge.



Jen Selter. The most famous behind in all of Internet, and how to get it.



Sascha Fitness. An ideal body with a diet designed for exercising.



Shonda. Because having no time to go to the gym is no excuse to avoid working out with the things we have at home.



So now there are no more excuses not to start working out your body and mind, and enjoying the summer and nice weather with a perfect ten body. Will you dare post your own progress online?


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