5 coconut water benefits you should be aware of

Coconut water is one of the trending products among celebrities and consumers in general as of late due to its many benefits, since in addition to being a refreshing beverage, it provides a significant amount of electrolytes and is low-calorie.

Coconut Water

Beneficios de la Agua de CocoEl Agua de Coco es uno de los productos que son de tendencia, gracias a sus muchos beneficios. Descúbrelos.Septiembre 15, 2016

It is for this reason that here at DARK DOG ORGANIC we want to point out some of the benefits its consumption can offer, which can help you stay in shape and maintain healthy habits for a better physical fitness:

  • Encourages weight loss. It is a good complement when dieting, since it is very satiating and provides few calories, which makes it a great ally when losing weight.
  • Nutrient-rich. When compared to other beverages, coconut water has a high content of essential electrolytes for the body, which is a highly effective regenerating component when exercising. Electrolytes can even help in keeping hypertension in check.
  • Prevents stomach heaviness. Since it is a considerable source of fiber, it is recommended for a good digestion since it prevents the occurrence of the so-called heartburn.
  • Improves blood circulation. Prevents the formation of blood clots, reduces bad cholesterol and strengthens the heart. It even reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke. In fact, its composition is so chemically similar to blood plasma that under extreme circumstances, like war or disasters, it has even been used to do emergency transfusions.
  • Tones and cleanses the skin. When applied topically, it may be of assistance to get rid of acne or skin imperfections. And if also ingested, it provides a great amount of skin-hydrating components that act from within.


Thus, coconut water is a great ally when improving our health and physical appearance. It is the ideal complement to get fully restored after intense physical exercise, either by itself or when combined with other beverages, such as our DARK DOG ORGANIC Energy Drink with Coconut Water. Have you tried it yet?


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