New DARK DOG Organic with coconut water

At DARK DOG Organic we keep innovating with new products and new flavors for our customers. This time around, we are introducing a new organic energy drink with coconut water and a hint of strained pineapple that will provide you with the necessary benefits to follow a healthy lifestyle.


Organic with coconut water

In addition to coconut water, our new drink includes other organic ingredients such as:

  • Yerba Mate. It provides antioxidants and a dose of caffeine.
  • Guaraná. It contains up to four times more caffeine than coffee beans.
  • Cane and Coconut Sugar. To maintain glucose levels.
  • Acerola fruit. To strengthen the immune system and produce collagen cells.
  • Green tea. A natural energy booster and fat burner.

Because during the summer we adapt to the heat and nice weather with this energy drink with coconut water to enjoy a moment of relaxation, recovering from our sports routine, enjoying the sun, the beach, the company of friends. What better way to restore your energy is there than through a taste of summer?

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