How to practice Yoga on the plane

If you are just starting out on this gripping world in which body and mind meld to develop in unison, but are always traveling because of work and constantly find yourself aboard a plane, we bring you some exercises that can be practiced up in the air. Will you dare?:


Standing in the plane’s restroom:

  • Mountain pose. It is the starting pose of many asanas. What is important on this posture is keeping the pelvis in the right position; in other words, seen from the side, between the ear, the shoulder, the hip and the ankle there should be a perfectly straight line, thus stretching the whole body.

Yoga - Mountain Pose

  • Chair pose. It involves bending the knees while keeping the thighs as parallel as possible to the ground. It is important for the knees to be right over the ankles and keeping the trunk erect. What is important is not arching the lower back and stretching the arms upwards.



  • Sukhasana. It is the typical pose of being seated with your legs crossed. If there isn’t enough room, it can be done on our seat, with bare feet on the floor. Legs forming a 90-degree angle. What is important is to repeat it 7 or 8 times, relaxing the shoulders and with a straight back. Don’t tense your arms.


  • Cat pose. It is normally done on the floor, but we will adapt and sit at the edge of our seats, legs on the floor in line with the hip. Hands on the knees. We inhale and sink our chin into our chest, curving the back without tensing the shoulders and looking at the navel. When exhaling we do the opposite motion. This will make the top of our head stretch towards the ceiling of the plane.


At the aisle:

  • Tree pose. While standing, leaning on our left foot, we lift the right ankle bending our knee and placing the sole of our right foot over the left thigh; place one hand on a seat and the other on the hip. Keep the posture for 30 seconds to a minute, and repeat with the other side.

Yoga - Tree Pose

  • Quadriceps stretch. Putting one hand at the top of the seat, bend the leg opposite that hand and with the hand of that same side, grab your ankle. Bend the leg and keep that position while breathing deeply 15 times. Repeat on the other side.


There is no longer an excuse not to keep practicing yoga while on your way to your new destination, whether for pleasure or business. What pose do you prefer?

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