Paleolithics vs Pescetarians


Eat as 25,000 years ago!
Also known as the diet of the Stone Age, this nutritional plan focuses on foods that were available during the paleolithic era: meat, fish, seafood, fruit, vegetables, tubers, nuts and roots.

On the contrary, it excludes pasteurized dairy products, legumes, salt, refined sugar, processed oils, grains, cereals and alcohol.

Many Paleolithics supplement their diet by doing all kind of workouts using their own weight, as men from the Stone Age did before going hunting and gathering for their tribes.

Paleolitics food


Pescetarians o vegaquarians feed themselves mainly with fish and shellfish, refraining from eating any other animal meat. Therefore, they have a low fat diet but rich in protein and omega 3 fish oil.

Their diet includes: fish, shellfish, vegetables, plants, fruits, nuts, eggs and milk (this is optional). On the contrary, red meat, poultry and refined foods are forbidden.

It is important to keep in mind that seafood may contain high levels of mercury, especially in cases such as shark, swordfish and mackerel meat.

This usually has no adverse effects on adult health, but it can be harmful to pregnant women and children, who must be careful and include fish and shellfish in their diet, which are lower in mercury, such as salmon, cod or canned light tuna.


You choose who you want to be … a caveman or a sea lion? paleolithic or pescetarian?

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