The best tricks to increase body mass spending $0

Exercises with our own body weight allow us to work the body muscles in an effective way and without spending any money.

To increase our body mass we must send the right signals to our body. We will achieve it if we start the following routine based on 4 short sessions every day and without forgetting to keep a healthy diet and the necessary daily rest.

After receiving a stimulus, our body will adapt to the new level of effort, developing and tightening our muscles.

We lay down on the floor facing down, and keeping our body upright. We straighten our arms without bending our trunk and leaning our weight to our hands and feet. We bend our arms until we are back to the initial position.


  • 10 repetitions with our hands separated.
  • 10 repetitions with our hands put together (forming a diamond with your index finger and thumbs)
  • 10 repetitions with closed fists and separate arms.
  • 7 repetitions with separate hands.
  • 5 repetitions with our hands put together.
  • 3 repetitions with closed fists and separate arms.

This series will help us to burn belly fat and to tone up. For this, we will stretch and support our back on a hard surface with our legs bended. We lift our back slowly with our hand behind our head and putting pressure on the lower part of the back against the floor. Then we go down slowly, breathe in and repeat the process.


  • 10 repetitions
  • 7 repetitions
  • 5 repetitions
  • 3 repetitions

Press-ups with chairs:
We lean backwards to the chair with separate hands and spread our legs, putting both our heels on the floor. We go down as much as we can, bending our elbows to the back, and we go up slowly until our arms are fully extended, exercising our triceps, deltoids and pectorals.

Press-ups with chairs

  • 10 repetitions
    We put our feet on a second chair and we do the same exercise but now with stretched legs.
  • 7 repetitions

If we do this exercise routine four times a day, along with a healthy diet rich in proteins and calories, and the necessary rest, we will start seeing the results in a month. We can do it!

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