5 places to do Yoga outdoors in the big city

For those who live under the stressful rhythm of a big city, we want to recommend five spots where you can feel like you’re surrounded by nature and where you can practice yoga outdoors under the sunlight. Grab a pencil and take note of our tips!

Places to do Yoga outdoors:

1. New York: Solstice in Times Square.
Every year, to commemorate the solstice that marks the beginning of summer in the Northern hemisphere, hundreds of yogis from all over the world get together in the heart of Manhattan to do their meditation exercises. This represents a unique opportunity to do yoga in Times Square, one of the most famous and crowded crossroads in the world, and to welcome summer at the same time. Are you in for the next Solstice in Times Square?

New York: Solstice in Times Square

2. Miami: Bayfront Park.
Bayfront Park is located in front of one of the most beautiful bays in Florida, in Downtown Miami. A lot of local aficionados get together every day to do yoga in this park by the sea. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, free courses take place starting very early in the morning. However, the space is not very big and only a few people can take advantage of this great activity. Don’t oversleep!

Miami: Bayfront Park

3. Los Angeles: Runyon Canyon Park.
Runyon Canyon Park is located in the eastern side of Santa Monica Mountains, very close to the residential area of Hollywood. At its highest point, 1300 feet, we will find Indian Rock. It is a wonderful space to meditate and do yoga with Hollywood’s most famous district beneath us.

Los Angeles: Runyon Canyon Park

4. New Jersey: Asbury Park.
The beach is a perfect place to do outdoor yoga: the breeze you receive at the boardwalk by the beach is the perfect companion for a more relaxing yoga and it allows you to practice your favorite positions with a better balance and self confidence. Every Sunday, during summer time, we can find at Asbury Park more than thirty Yogis doing their exercises under the sunlight very early in the morning. Are you going to miss it?

New Jersey: Asbury Park

5. San Francisco: Golden Gate Park.
Every Saturday morning, free yoga classes are taken place at Golden Gate Park. It’s a perfect place to feel the rejuvenation inside your body, your mind and spirit, and a way to be in touch with nature while we enjoy the sunlight of San Francisco. As long as it doesn’t rain!

San Francisco: Golden Gate Park

Now, all we have to do is to get out there and improve our flexibility while we relieve tensions and stress!


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